Last week, Glenda and I met two delightful people from Australia (Aussies) at a mission conference on the Oregon coast.  Rob and Lynne Branham live and serve Australia in a community two hours north of Sydney.  They are incredible people and new friends.  Rob is from Missouri, while Lynne is from Australia.  They will add a special touch to our walk across Australia.  They have already informed me that we are walking through the Outback!!

Since Glenda and I were consumed with the mission conference, no blog last week.  I’ll now combine how our Walking Australia team did in Wks #5 & #6.   We walked 443 miles putting us 1,074 miles from Perth on our way to Sydney and closer to where Rob and Lynne live.

Rob and Lynne are a delightful couple who are planting churches in Australia.  They also serve as School and Sports Chaplains as well as teach in School Scripture Classes.  They taught us that Koala Bears do not exist.  Koala is not a bear, and Aussies don’t like them to be called bears.  We got that.  (Koala is still cute.)

We also were taught by Lynne how to sing the Kookaburra song.  While Lynne sounds fantastic, I don’t.  However, I’ll practice so that someday I’ll teach our Australian walkers, and we will all sing the Kookaburra song.

Our Walking Australia team has now walked 1,074 in six weeks, taking us through and past Madura, Eucla and closer to the Nullabor Plain, (according to Wikipedia) “part of the area of flat, almost treeless and arid or simi-arid country of Southern Australia.  It is the world’s largest single exposure of limestone bedrock.”

With internet information plus the Branham’s help, the walk across Australia may become more informative and personal every week.  In addition, the Branham’s will help know what missionary work in Australia is like in 2017.

Keep walking and join us as a walker by simply leaving your name and miles on LEAVE A REPLY and you’re on the Australian walking team.


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  1. Week 7 – Aug. 7-Aug. 13

    Between the heat and the backyard, we didn’t do quite as many miles this week..
    Dave – 2.20 miles; Joan 17.50 miles

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