Wk # 7 – Another Week in Australia

Our 2017 Walking Australia team logged another 217 miles this week, taking us 1,296 miles across the southern part of this great country and continent.   (Thanks to Rob and Lynne Branham for the picture of their mission display table at a mission conference we attended recently.  They are our new friends who will provide information and pictures of Australia as our team walks across Australia.)

This week our walking team passed by Ceduna “786 km northwest of the capital Adelaide. The name Ceduna is a corruption of the local Aboriginal Wirangu word Chedoona and is said to mean a place to sit down and rest. The town has played an important but minor role in Australia’s overall development due to it being a fishing port and a railway hub.” (Wikipedia)

I love it!  We passed a place that means to “sit down and rest.”  What a great idea when walking.  Sit down and rest.  When walking across America in 2013, I learned very early on the six-month walk to take a moment to sit down and rest when tired.  Just a minute of rest refreshed me, and I continued walking.  (You can read more about that walk in our book, Walking Across America: One Step at a Time by Jim and Glenda Buckley on Amazon.com.)

On Sunday, I walked nine miles from our church to the beach on the California shores of the Pacific Ocean.  I walked with two friends, one of whom is a faithful number of our 2017 Walking Australia team and the 2017 Walking United States of America team that walked (online) from California to New York City Times Square in seventeen weeks.  It was a great three-hour walk Sunday on a dusty and hot trail. These are miles that will be applied to Wk #8 of Walking Australia..

I invite any of you followers of this blog to join our 2017 Walking Australia team on our way to Sydney and beyond.  At the bottom of this blog, enter your name and mileage you walked in the previous week on LEAVE A REPLY.  You’ll be on our 2017 Walking Australia team.  It’s that simple to have fun with a team going somewhere, and at the same time staying healthy by walking.

Keep walking,


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