The Walking Australia 2017 team is feeling the excitement associated with any LONG WALK.  What is exciting?  Nearing the finish line.

Our goal from the beginning of the walk was to go from Perth to Sydney, but taking a walking road that would take us through Adelaide, Melbourne and Eden.  Wk #12 was another great week of walking with 223 miles giving us 2,412 miles walked from Perth.  We are within 24 miles of Eden and now 362 miles from Sydney, our FINISH LINE.

I feel the excitement because I remember the feeling I had in 2013, when I was getting close to our finish line, New York City Times Square.  In New Jersey, I walked with a different energy.  Six months of walking from Newbury Park, California across America to New York City was almost done.  Excited?  The word doesn’t do justice to my feelings.  But, it has to do.  My wife was thrilled as she had been with me from the beginning being my “everything” as she drove our house (RV) for six months.  She was excited!  (See the entire story in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time by Jim and Glenda Buckley and available on Amazon.com.)

So, as our team walks through Eden next week, we’ll see another special place in Australia.  Wikipedia says “Eden is a coastal town in the South Coast region of New South WalesAustralia. The town is 478 kilometres (297 mi) south of the state capital Sydney and is the most southerly town in New South Wales, located between Nullica Bay to the south and Calle Calle Bay, the northern reach of Twofold Bay, and built on undulating land adjacent to the third-deepest natural harbour in the southern hemisphere, and Snug Cove on its western boundary. At the 2016 census, Eden had a population of 3,151.”

In nearly two weeks we will reach the finish line.  For a thrill, join us on the Walking Australia team by walking for the next two weeks and sending us your name and miles on LEAVE A REPLY on this blog.  You’ll get the excitement of helping to finish a long project.  It’s unbelievable.  In New York in 2013, we had over 40 people join us for the final miles of a six-month walk to help celebrate in Times Square.  That’s a moment none of us will ever forget.  We’ve even put one of the pictures from that day on this blog, just to give you a glimpse of that final moment.  It’s a picture of our final-day team walking through Central Park on our way to the finish line.

Join us as we experience another one, this time walking across Australia.

Excited about the finish line,


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2 replies

  1. Finish line in sight!

  2. We’ll be across the finish line VERY SOON! 🙂

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