In Wk #14, our 2017 Walking Australia team walked 200 miles completing the 2,774 miles from Perth to Sydney in great time.  How did we feel when we arrived in Sydney?

Without being too corny, I can truthfully say our spirits were “LIFTED.”  Since we walked 200 miles with only 129 miles from our last stop last week, we had an extra 71 miles to enjoy this beautiful city.  Where did we walk?

First stop was the zoo where we saw the giraffe, and we knew things were “looking up.”  (I couldn’t resist that one.)  Well, we walked to the famous Sydney Opera House with the sail-like structure.  Enjoying the sights and sounds of the Opera House was hard to beat, but we did manage to walk around the beautiful and huge harbor.  What an awesome city.

However, we were exhausted from the 14-week walk, so we made it to the airport where we boarded the plane and flew home sharing stories of things we saw and experienced as we walked across Australia.

When home in America, we’ll rest, celebrate and take some time off of team-distance walking, but all agreed we will continue walking personally.  Why?  Because we are better when we walk…better in our health, our minds, our spirits and our relationships.  There are so many reasons to keep walking personally and to keep a daily schedule.  However, one of these days, we just might walk together across some other great place.

Why don’t you join the team on the next walk?

Until then, keep walking for life.


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8 replies

  1. What a great experience being a part of walking across Australia!!

  2. I enjoyed following you here on line, next maybe you could walk from Calgary to Jasper and stop and explore all the parks and sites and trails and the ice fields along the way and tell us all about them.

  3. Well it’s been fun. I must have had on some good sunblock because I didn’t even get a tan! I’ll always be walking, until I cant, so let me know when the next walk starts.

  4. Congrats team! Doing something difficult as a team makes the load lighter. Even those of us who contributed little helped reach the prize…the goal. Being held accountable and part of a team helped us persevere and stay the course to reach our goal. Wow! So many lessons for life. Thanks for the encouragement Jim and Glenda. Love ya,ll.

  5. I had fun looking for pictures – learned some things about Australia.

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