About The Walk

While reading a familiar passage of the Bible (Acts 8:3), I saw something that I  hadn’t noticed before, and what I saw angered me.  Acts 8:3 starts with,  “But Saul began to destroy the church.”  Then it continues with, “Going from house to house…” These last five words spoke to me and I believed I saw how Satan planned to destroy the church.  “…from house to house.”  His plan was to destroy the home and then the church would be destroyed.  Satan’s plan was and is to destroy the home.  The troubles of the home (so many homes) have their roots in spiritual issues and the plan of Satan  to stop the home and the church.

I was inspired by another scripture when I read Jesus’ words to Zacchaeus in Luke 19:5, when Jesus said, “I must stay at your house today.”   Jesus in Zacchaeus’ home saved him and changed him profoundly.  There is hope for every home if Jesus is in the home… to stay.  The secret is for the home to invite Jesus in and to have him live there in a living, loving, life saving and changing relationship.  The relationship will become so real that when Satan knocks on the door of the home, the people inside will say, “Jesus, would you get that please?”

With the above stated conviction, I am intent on walking, inviting Jesus into homes where a relationship with Jesus not only saves, but changes lives, and contributes to build the church.   As hearts in homes growth with Jesus living in that home,  the church will be full of strong believers reaching lives and other homes that need help and hope.

I am walking across America, answering God’s call.  A core team is enthusiastically working with me and my wife, Glenda,  to prepare to do what God has called us to do: “walk across America, inviting America home, touching hearts and homes, one home at a time.”

Jim Buckley

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