Wk #9 of the 2017 walk across America (walking the same trail of the 2013 walk across America).  It was an exciting week when the thirteen member 2017 team broke the record that was set last week of 249.5 miles.  This week our team walked 249.8 miles.   (We’re consistent.)

2017 TEAM:  We left Clovis, New Mexico and entered the Texas Panhandle going through Friona, Hereford and Amarillo and stopping just miles from Miami (pronounced Miama), Texas.   Twelve of our thirteen walked and some set personal records.

Our 2017 walk is different from the 2013 walk, which was literally walking across this great nation, one step at a time.  I remember every step!!!!  Our walk now is in towns where we live.  We record our Sunday to Saturday miles and post them on the WalkingwithJim.wordpress.com blog.

Glenda and I are having fun remembering 2013 as we walk in 2017.  Walking through Texas in “tornado season” was very exciting.  We were chased out of Amarillo one night due to “severe weather” (possible tornado), and later ended up in two different storm cellars.  One was “serious” and one was “visiting.”

Anyone can read the adventures of the 2013 walk in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time (Amazon.com).  The 2013 adventures of the same trail the 2017 team walked in WK #9 will be found on pages 69-92.

THANK YOU 2017 TEAM for a fantastic week!!  Keep walking and stretching your miles as we will leave Texas in WK #10 and proceed into Oklahoma and Kansas.  Yes, Kansas.  We had to take a detour in 2013 due to a severe rain storm.

We are always looking for people to join the 2017 walk.

  1. Start walking.
  2. Record your miles.
  3. On this blog, enter your name and miles on LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of this blog.
  4. Then hit “post comment” and you’re on the team!!   (Invite friends to walk with you and join the 2017 team.  We’re walking to New York City!!)


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8 replies

  1. Great week of Walking! Hooray for the Team!

  2. Woohoo, we are moving right along! For week 10, I went 26.4 miles.

  3. March 5- 11; Dave walked 18.91 miles and Joan walked 23.15 miles. another good walking week.

  4. Wow! Another great week of walking. Only 5 of 13 walkers have reported miles, but they are VERY GOOD! Keep it up. New York City TIMES SQUARE, here we come!! 🙂

  5. Ok…23.53 miles per my FitBit. God is good!

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